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HOLT Acquires Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind

San Antonio, Texas (January 5, 2022) – HOLT announced its acquisition of Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind Services, the leading North American distributor of the Bronto Skylift, a truck-mounted aerial work platform used to reach challenging heights with application in numerous industries including oil and gas, wind, and utilities, among others.

This acquisition allows HOLT to further its commitment to investing in renewable energy resources and provide additional products and services to its customers nationwide. With the acquisition, Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind Services will retain its name and operate as an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of HOLT.

“We are proud to be a part of the HOLT family of businesses, a values-based organization with a commitment to safety,” said Kevin Darby, Founder of Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind Services. “This partnership will allow for expanded products and services for our customers while making our operations more efficient.”

Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind Services will serve as a complementary business to other HOLT divisions, offering the Bronto Skylift for sale and rent (with or without operators).

While many aerial work platforms can get workers 150’ in the air, TGM Wind Services and the Bronto Skylift provide a working height of up to 341’, making it the safest and most efficient way to lift labor and operate at extreme heights.

“HOLT seeks to partner with like-minded organizations and Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind Services aligns perfectly with our core values,” said Peter J. Holt, CEO and general manager of HOLT CAT. “This acquisition will help us bring added value to our customers with a safe, premium product that supports multiple industries who have a need to reach challenging heights.”





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We offer the largest fleet of self-propelled aerial work platforms above 150 Feet. Our units are located all across North America and allow us to provide better availability, lower mobilization costs and lower rates.

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Kardie Equipment believes in the safety of our employees, customers and job space above all. Already the industry leader in high elevated work platforms, we have also pushed ourselves to be the industry leader in the highest level of safety.

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