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Press Release: Kardie Equipment Rolls Out New Consignment Stock from Bronto Skylift

Posted by Admin on Dec 10, 2018 10:30:00 AM

AUSTIN, TX - Kardie Equipment, North America’s largest distributor of aerial work platforms that reach to heights of 295 feet, is pleased to announce the addition of several more Bronto Skylift models to the consignment stock, one of which has already arrived.

The first unit, which arrived in October of 2018 and will be on display at POWER-GEN 2018 in December, is the SI 197 HDT. The insulated aerial work platform is designed for the Utility & Transmission industries to enable best-in-class bare-hand/live-line work.  This first stock will have a maximum working height of 197 feet (60m) and a maximum working outreach of 72 feet (22.7m). In addition to the standard features included in each model, the SI 197 will be fully equipped with a 16 feet (5m) long filament wound fiberglass boom, the sharp edge Corona Ring, and a boom leakage detector.

The next unit, arriving in December of this year, will be the Bronto Skylift S 230 XR. The S 230 XR provides a working height of 230 feet (70m), and a maximum working outreach of 118 feet (36m).

The third arrival, scheduled for February 2019, will be the Bronto Skylift S 230 XDT. It will have a maximum working height of 230 feet (70m) and maximum working outreach of 114 feet (35m).

The final unit to the fleet, scheduled for July 2019, will be two of the Bronto Skylift S 295 HLA’s. These HLA’s will have a maximum working height of 295 feet (90m) and a maximum working outreach of 88 feet (27m).

The lead time to build a new Bronto Skylift AWP is between ten and twelve months, and so Kardie Equipment has struck a deal with Bronto to have new stock already available on the ground in Texas. Without the pressure to decide on a Bronto purchase a year in advance, customers can be flexible in their project scheduling when it comes to the equipment needed.

To inquire about projects that may require purchasing a Bronto Skylift from the Kardie Equipment Consignment Stock, please contact Kardie online or by calling (888) 958-0499.

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