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Employee Spotlight January 2019: Samuel Portal

Meet Samuel! As a Crew Lead for Kardie Equipment (TGM Wind), he tackles a lot on Bronto maintenance, site projects, and he works with customers to make sure they have everything they need. [...]

Bronto Skylifts and Their Unexpected Applications

  We asked the experts: What are some surprising industries and applications for the Bronto Skylift?   [...]

Bronto Skylifts: Most Valuable Features

Features that make the Bronto Skylift different from other Aerial Work Platforms (AWP):  Why are they valuable? [...]

Employee Spotlight, December 2018: Johnny Rodriguez

Meet Johnny! As a Crew Lead for Kardie Equipment/TGM Wind Services, it’s up to him to make sure the Brontos are 100% ready for action. He also verifies that everyone has the supplies they need, and that all involved are operating safely. Three years ago, Johnny was introduced to the company by a friend, who recommended that Johnny apply to TGM. When he did, it was an exciting whirlwind of interviews, a job offer, and a trip to Oklahoma for training. [...]

Employee Spotlight, November 2018: Keith Timms

  Meet Keith! As the Asset Manager for Kardie Equipment (TGM Wind Services), he manages our Abilene shop and oversees the annual maintenance and repairs on our Bronto fleet. In addition, he handles all tech support concerns, orders parts for the Bronto vehicles, and occasionally helps with logistics and repairs. “Timms,” as he is called by his friends and colleagues, first joined the company nine and a half years ago, but he has long been involved in the heavy equipment and trucking industry. Luckily, he isn’t afraid of heights! [...]


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We offer the largest fleet of self-propelled aerial work platforms above 150 Feet. Our units are located all across North America and allow us to provide better availability, lower mobilization costs and lower rates.

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Kardie Equipment believes in the safety of our employees, customers and job space above all. Already the industry leader in high elevated work platforms, we have also pushed ourselves to be the industry leader in the highest level of safety.

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