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Employee Spotlight March 2019: Jonathan Hernandez

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Meet Jonathan! As a Crew Lead for Kardie Equipment, his duties include making sure everything is ready for each job he tackles.


He facilitates communication with the site leads and managers, and confirms that everyone is on the same page for that particular project.

Jonathan just reached his three years with Kardie last week, so be sure to congratulate him on his work anniversary! He came to us after graduating from college, on a recommendation from a coworker of his father’s. He interviewed with the hiring team and the rest is history!

Jonathan HernandezWith his first glance at a Bronto actively working on a job, Jonathan found the extensive height daunting. He had never been that high up before with so little structure below him, and the thought of it, with the wind blowing around him, gave him pause. All of that changed once he actually got up in the basket. Now, despite his original misgivings, the height doesn’t bother him at all!

When Jonathan isn’t roaming around the country for Kardie, you can find him doing one thing, and one thing only: fishing. It’s his favorite hobby - noodle fishing (catching the fish with your bare hands) included. Any lake he can get to - small, large, whatever - Jonathan will fish in it. One thing still unchecked on his bucket list is to fish in the ocean, but he has been to the absolutely massive Lake Huron!

In the next year or so, Jonathan would love to visit Rome and see the colosseum’s incredible history. Between the classic architecture and rich Italian culture, to Jonathan there’s really only one thing the city is missing: a Buffalo Wild Wings. Although, we’re sure that he will somehow be able to find his mango habanero - when he makes the trip overseas.

Jonathan’s favorite part about working for Kardie is the amount of trust and respect that is given to the employees. He loves that he is trusted to do his job well, and he continues to earn that trust by being an exemplary member of the TGM Wind and Kardie team.

For more Employee Spotlights and posts about Kardie Equipment and Bronto Skylift, please visit our blog at www.kardieequipment.com/blog.


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