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How Can I Protect Workers from Falls on Man Lifts?

As the machinery that raises your crew and tools to working heights for challenging jobs, a man lift is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll use at the worksite.That’s why you need to be sure that your investment is not only durable and innovative, but—most importantly—safe enough to prevent falls and protect workers. A revered global supplier of aerial work platforms (AWPs), Finland-based Bronto Skylift is known for its top-tier engineering and elite class of features that keep workers safe at all costs. Here’s how. 

Outriggers Secure the Aerial Man Lift Base

Outriggers distribute the weight of a man lift’s chassis and load, resulting in a stable, solid foundation. A Bronto Skylift makes easy work of setting up the outriggers. With one push of a button, they extend outward to automatically level the truck on all sides for safety, and protection for you and your team.

The Bronto Skylift doesn’t rely on counterweight to prevent tipping the way a crane does. Unlike a crane, the Bronto Skylift is designed to hold people, so it doesn’t lift more than about 1,500 lbs. at a given time (although our insulated 219 unit can lift up to 1,900 lbs). That means it doesn’t need the counterweights because the chassis will compensate. The weight of the chassis, as well as the outstretched outriggers, are what ensures that it will not tip over. 

Preventing Falls with Tie-offs

One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent falls is to require tie-offs for each person inside the basket. There are multiple “d-ring” tie off points inside the basket so regardless of which side of the basket is being worked from, the workers are secured to the Bronto. 

Here at Kardie Equipment, safety is the cornerstone of our business, which is why, during our operator training, we implement a 100% tie-off policy for every worker who steps foot in the basket. We also strongly encourage tie-offs for every tool that’s brought on board. For example, if a crew member needs to take a cordless drill to work at height, the drill should be tied off in case that tool slips and falls from working height.

We also strongly encourage operators to be responsible for each other. If there are two workers in the basket, they should always double-check each other to make sure that the platform never raises to heights until every person and tool is securely tied off. 

Guardrails for Fall Prevention

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have implemented safety standards for the design of man lifts, and Bronto Skylifts meet or exceed all. These include the safety requirement for guardrails, which are effective in preventing falls from dangerous heights. Bronto Skylifts feature a high middle rail and a top rail that hits most workers at about waist level.The top rail is fixed preventing the forced-shut swing door into the basket from accidentally being left open.

Redundant Backups with a Self-Rescue Kit

Bronto Skylifts offers multiple backup systems in case of an emergency to make sure you and your team are protected at all times. In addition to the backup battery system and manual hydraulic bleed-down system, all Karide operators wear a self-rescue kit known as the SRK 11 Emergency Descent. 

Here are some more of the innovative safety features you’ll find in each Bronto Skylift.

  • Voice-activated in-basket intercom allows the operators and workers in the basket to communicate with ground personnel seamlessly.
  • Automatic basket leveling and smooth boom sleeve movements ensure no jerking or bumps while extending or retracting.
  • Multiple on-board computer systems and sensors to know where the basket is in time and space at all times, which is unlike other man lifts that use older relay logic technology.
  • An anemometer (wind speed indicator) mounted in the basket with an alarm to keep operators alert and safe in winds up to 31 mph.

In the Market for a Truck Mounted Man Lift?

When you’re in the market for a reliable man lift to keep your team safe and your work at the site productive, you can’t go wrong with a unit from Bronto Skylift.

Here at Kardie Equipment, we rent, lease, maintain, and sell Bronto Skylifts exclusively. If you’re in the market to rent a new or used Bronto Skylift, it’s easier than ever, thanks to our new partnership with United Rentals. Simply contact us here or get in touch with United Rentals, and a representative will take care of renting it for you, even with operators included!


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