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When it comes to work in the transmission and distribution industry, it’s not just about how high your aerial lift can go, but about how safely you can do it. An insulated boom lift is the best option for those in the utilities and construction industries working on live lines because they provide a safer, more efficient option for working in a high-risk electrifying environment. At Kardie Equipment, our Bronto Skylift insulated platforms are the safest, most reliable, and most efficient way to reach energized overhead power lines.

Bronto: The Best T&D Lift Supplier

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends the use of insulated aerial lifts for live T&D projects because they offer protection from electric shock and electrocution by isolating the individual from electrical ground. With this in mind, Bronto Skylift has designed insulated models that utilize best-in-class engineering to help those in the utility and construction industries work more safely and efficiently in an electrifying environment.

At Kardie Equipment, we rent, lease, sell, and maintain Bronto Skylifts because they are the safest and most reliable aerial work platforms on the market today. And not only are Bronto Skylifts safer, but they also have a more efficient design. During a scheduled outage, time is money. With an insulated Bronto Skylift, your team can be ready to work in just 15 minutes, which helps you reduce your additional exposure hours, and saves time and money.

Insulated Boom Lift Options from Bronto Skylifts

Bronto Skylifts offer the tallest at 219ft and safer aerial lift option for the transmission and distribution industries with insulated boom lift models. The insulated model available in the Kardie Equipment consignment stock is the SI 219 HDT.

Bronto Skylift SI 219 HDT

This unit is designed for high-reach utility and transmission projects. With an impressive working height of 219 feet and the quality you can expect from award-winning Bronto Skylift, this model also includes dielectric testing 500 kV, hydraulic oil cooler, and a tool circuit platform.

Work Safer with a Bronto Aerial Lift

Are you looking for an insulated boom lift rental? Kardie Equipment offers the largest fleet of Bronto Skylift rentals available in North America. If you are ready to buy an insulated boom lift, the Kardie Equipment team can help you make your project as safe and efficient as possible. Contact us today to get started.


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