Aerial Equipment Rentals

We offer the largest aerial equipment rental fleet of self-propelled aerial work platforms above 150 Feet. Our units are located all across North America and allow us to provide better availability, lower mobilization costs, and lower rates. All Kardie Equipment aerials are manufactured by Bronto Skylift and have been specifically manufactured for Kardie Equipment to meet all North American DOT regulations, ANSI standards, and OSHA requirements.

There is a huge advantage to renting boom lifts through Kardie Equipment. The flexibility with rentals is key for companies with one-off projects lasting for a couple of weeks to a month. We will always do our best to accommodate any unexpected maintenance and our rental program allows us to work with your schedule. And if you as a customer find yourself renting an aerial work platform multiple times a year, we offer lease, rent-to-purchase, and long-term rental rates.

Currently Kardie offers five (5) models of aerial platforms: Bronto Skylifts S150XDT, S173XDT, S230XDT, 230 XR and S295HLA. All of these aerial work platforms are available to rent. And unlike crane and man-baskets, scissor lifts, and scaffolding, Bronto truck-mounted AWPs are safe, efficient, and reliable.

We have customers in these industries:

  • Wind & Renewables
  • Energy: Refinery & Plant
  • Constructions & Demolition
  • Utilities: Transmission & Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Window Cleaning
  • Film & Media


See picture gallery below for examples of projects we have been a part of.

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