As the largest North American distributor, Kardie Equipment is proud to offer Bronto Skylifts not just for rent, but for sale and lease as well. Our flexible purchasing options include New Bronto Sales from our consignment stock, Used Bronto units from our rental fleet, and rent-to-purchase for those looking to test out the Bronto before committing to full ownership.

We are also able to work directly with the manufacturer, Bronto Skylift, to build a customized unit for you. This ensures that you have the model of Bronto and chassis that exactly fits your needs. Not sure what type of unit your project needs? Contact our sales team today to speak with a Kardie representative about building you a fit-for-purpose Bronto unit.

When you purchase a Bronto Skylift from Kardie Equipment, you’re getting so much more than the safest, more efficient, and most reliable aerial work platform on the market. You’re getting impeccable service, flexible payment options, and on-demand maintenance from the most knowledgeable team of Bronto mechanics in North America.

We also have the largest parts inventory in North America, larger even that Bronto US located in Orlando, Florida. If there is a rare part that we do not have in our inventory, we regularly work directly with the manufacturer, and so we are able to order parts from their headquarters factory in Finland. And since we operate our own fleet of 22 units, we know which parts commonly fail and stock them for a faster turnaround and increased up-time.

New Bronto Sales


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