Historically, construction sites, wind farms, and turnarounds at refineries IMG_0002and utility projects have looked like a mess of crane and man-baskets, scaffolding, cherry pickers, and JLGs. Theythat are expensive, time consuming to set up and take down, and somewhat unsafe. Enter the next generation of aerial platforms: the Bronto Skylift. 

Here at Kardie Equipment, we’re the North American market leader of the next generation of aerial work platforms (AWPs) that have passed the strictest standards of safety and efficiency. Each one of our aerial work platforms is manufactured by Bronto Skylift and has been specifically built to meet all North American ANSI 92.2 standards, and OSHA requirements. Even with the highest reach in the industry—295 feet—we’ll get you there safely and efficiently with the most cutting-edge AWPs on the market today.

Next-Generation Aerial Platform Trucks

It’s no easy feat to design an aerial platform truck- mounted system that’s the safest and most reliable on the market, with unrivaled performance to match. Unlike other aerial platform

manufacturers, Bronto Skylifts cover all those bases. As the revered global supplier of AWPs, Bronto Skylifts has earned the trust of countless industries from electrical transmission and distribution to oil and gas to construction. The solid engineering and safety standards of
Bronto AWPs have even made them a top choice for firefighters and rescue teams who put
their lives on the line in order to save others. Based in Finland, Bronto has been
manufacturing their AWPs for more than 50 years, featuring inventive technology that has broken world records as the highest aerial platforms.

Curious about what makes Brontos better than alternative AWPs?

  • Unrivaled efficiency. Unlike scissor lifts or crane and man-baskets, which can take
    days to months to set up, Bronto AWPs can be up and running within an impressive
    15 minutes. Because manpower and equipment rental costs add up so quickly, the
    Bronto saves on both time and money, with no equipment downtime. 
  • Higher reach than other AWPs. Bronto AWPs can reach horizontally and vertically.
    Best of all, 14 of the 23 Bronto models extend up to 295 feet, with the other models ranging in lower reaches down to 150 feet. 
  • Multipurpose capabilities. Bronto AWPs from Kardie Equipment can support and
    power tools, supply water or water xylem and pneumatic tools with quick connects
    in the basket. The internal power source and water supply eliminate bulky, dangerous
    hoses and cords hanging in harm’s way. The on-board pneumatic supply means you
    won’t have to worry about incorporating an external source of power. With all systems
    centrally contained, your job becomes that much easier. 
  • Industry recognition. In March 2019, the Bronto Skylift S35EM was awarded the
    title of IAPA Product of the Year in the vehicle and trailer mounted category. Bronto
    AWPs are so unanimously trusted that Kardie Equipment (a TGM Wind Company) was chosen as the official access supplier of the 20189 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Red Bull Air Race at Indy Speedway. The organization used a Bronto 295 to safely and quickly lift the camera men for optimal filming access. Here at Kardie Equipment, we even nominated ourselves for Access, Lift & Handler’s 2019 Access Project of the Year. We stand by the unmatched safety, quality, and innovation of Bronto AWPs, and we’re confident your business will, too. 

Looking for an aerial platform rental or an aerial platform for sale for your worksite? Kardie Equipment has all the options you need. Rent, lease, or buy a Bronto aerial work platform for your job and rest assured that you’ve got the best equipment money can buy to get your job done efficiently and safely.