Why Clean with TGM Wind Services?


At TGM Wind, we pride ourselves in being the most efficient and environmentally friendly high-reach cleaning service company on the market, using our fleet of Bronto Skylifts. With 10 years of experience providing both access and cleaning from our Bronto Rental Fleet, we remain the industry leader and preferred cleaning provider. We accomplish this by offering our customers a choice between hand-washing or pressure washing, both of which provide a unique set of advantages.

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The benefits of hand-washing in place of the pressure washer method are numerous and impactful. First and foremost the hand-washing method uses significantly less water. Roughly 5 gallons of water are used to hand-clean a standard 90 meter wind turbine versus 30 gallons with the traditional pressure-washing method.Cleaning Pic 7

When hand-washing, we only use the minimum amount of water required, to ensure that there is no water waste. It also helps us to do the job more efficiently. Unlike cleaning with a power-washer that once you start at the top of the turbine, all the water and dirt/oil must be washed the full length down the turbine.  Using the hand-wash method, our technicians can hand whip only the top of the turbine where most of the dirt and oil stains are.

Furthermore, by using less water, we can accomplish the job with just one tank of water, eliminating the need to stop work and source the nearest water refill site (which is usually miles from the job site). Our methods use less than 5% of the water most companies use.

Cleaning from the elevated basket of a 295 feet Bronto, we can quickly clean the hub, nacelle and all blades of a wind turbine MUCH faster than a ropes team can perform the same job.  Without the need for ropes our customers can switch the turbine on within minutes of the project being completed.

Runoff, Waste, and Environmental Friendliness

A lot of customers and site managers express concern over the amount of runoff and cleaning waste.  We contain all runoff as it comes down the tower, so that it never touches the ground. Additionally, whatever materials used in the process are taken off site and disposed of, so you as a customer will not have to deal with waste on the property. Our mission is to leave every aspect of the site cleaner than it was when we started.

Cleaning Pic 3That mission is also reflected in the products that we use to do the cleaning itself. All soaps and solutions used in the process are environmentally friendly, so that even when pressure-washing, no part of the surrounding nature is being harmed.

At TGM Wind Services we take pride in our conscientious cleaning practices. We guarantee that whether we’re cleaning a transmission power line, roller coaster at a theme park, or a fiberglass wind turbine blade, we will take every step to make sure you hit your budget and and finish your project on time.


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